OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) has made consistent calls for the Zambian Government to consider re-engaging Vedanta Resources and handing them back the mine. This call was made through UPND Chairperson for Mines, Percy Chanda who has repeatedly stated that Government is not capable of running Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).
Mr. Chanda said mining is a costly venture adding that the state is broke. He wondered how the Government through ZCCM-IH can run the mine particularly that the Government is failing to service its domestic and external debt. And the UPND says the eventual dismantling of KCM units will scare away prospective investors in the mining sector. But the stance by UPND could prove suicidal as most Kopala bloggers can’t understand whose interests the UPND wishes to represent on this issue. Read the responses from bloggers below:
*Robert Ebenezer:* I believe the Zambian government can run KCM with proper management and good policies but this mind of always trying to give State assets to investors should end in 2020. I am planning to vote for UPND but this thinking has started to worry me. KCM is a profitable company, copper prices are at their best so claiming that government cannot run it, is unpatriotic. Yes its a duty for the opposition to offer checks and balances and not just to be condemning everything.
*Martin Musonda Nsangwe:* “Percy Chanda is a fool does he even know how miners used to suffer when vendanta Resources was running the mine can we honestly entrust such fools to run the affairs of this country the patriotic front PF government heard the cries of the miners and made a very good decision to take over the mine ba UPND mwanya you will never rule this country the majority tribe will continue to rule PF is winning again next year.”
*Clarence Kayz Kampamba:* Apa pena Ba UPND 100% missed it take take time to interview miners across KCM business units if your position is welcome. No well meaning miner either UPND or pf can love Vendetta to come back.
*Tansy Fansy Alfred:* This is why I say UPND does not mean well for Zambia. Everything it’s politics. We should run our own mines. Kwashala ba Mopani.
*Pelani Chilufya:* I advise the opposition to approach this issue with so much caution, for it may end up decampaining them & lead to eventual loss of popularity on the Copperbelt.
*Curtis KL Chirwa:* UPND was formed to defend only the interest of such crooked mining investors.
*Katepa James:* This person is very short sighted, you mean we don’t have mining experts and business expert to run KCM profitably? Zambian resources should be managed by Zambians or else we shall never emancipate this country to higher height’s.