By: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

Two years ago in the wee hours of the morning Captain Solomon Shakele woke up and made a phone call to his old Information Systems classmate about an amazing and tantalizing idea about raising awareness on the dangers of internet abuse in Zambia.

That idea culminated in the formation of an NGO Cyber Hygiene Zambia which today is conducting seminal work in raising awareness about the dangers on cyber-bullying fake news and internet abuse.

Two years later Captain Shakele has put his vision into action by undertaking a cyber-bullying sensitization walk from Lusaka to Livingstone with his comrades.

This young selfless and patriotic Captain deserves the support and encouragement of all well meaning Zambians as him and his comrades wage this terrible battle against cyber-bullying, fake news and internet abuse in Zambia.

Captain Shaklee’s efforts are bearing fruit because he has the humility of a Lamb, the courage of Lion, the strength of a Bear the hard work of an Ox and the vision of an Eagle.

Captain Shakele’s example shows us that with confidence you have won even before you begin and that if people speak the same language and unite behind a good cause nothing can be impossible for them.


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