The High Court in Malawi has issued an order preventing police from arresting controversial millionaire pastor Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary.

The couple are facing charges of money laundering and fraud in South Africa but fled to Malawi, where they are from, in November.

Last week the couple’s relatives were stopped from leaving Malawi.

Following this, the police went to the couple’s house with a warrant for their arrest but they weren’t there. It’s not clear on what grounds the police wanted to arrest them.

On Sunday the couple went to court and were granted an order restraining the police from arresting them.

Meanwhile, the process to extradite the Bushiris to South Africa is still under way. Malawi’s government has said it will grant the extradition request, but the Bushiris are challenging it.

The request will be reviewed on 8 March.

Mr Bushiri has been described as one of the richest religious leaders in Africa.

He claims to have cured people of HIV, made the blind see, changed the fortunes of the impoverished and, on at least one occasion, appeared to walk on air, although none of these claims have been scientifically proven.