Before the PF ascended to power, Zambia had been facing the challenge of high unemployment since the early 1990s.

The problem of unemployment was more prevalent in Urban Areas and amongst the youth, women and people with disabilities

In addition, there was a significant number of people in low paid and insecure jobs who worked in unsafe working environments.

What has the PF Government done to resolve the situation?

The PF government has through its policies, diplomatic ties and other interventions, always prioritised employment and employment creation for the Zambian people.

Moving forward, the PF has also through its party manifesto augmented employment for Zambians. The PF has in line with its beliefs and pro poor governance, promoted pro-poor growth focussing on job creation, skills training, self-employment opportunities and improving the quality of jobs.

There are policies and strategies that have been put in place to cover all sectors across the economy. The government has been systematic in its approach to ensure sustainability of the outcomes.

Infrastructure development has made different sectors viable for job creation and employment.

Approximately 74% of Zambia`s population comprises of the youth and is below the age of 30 years.

You may wish to know that the PF Government has undertaken measures and initiatives which are aimed at reducing youth unemployment and promoting wealth creation.

Job creation targeting youths, through massive infrastructure projects, apart from what has already been achieved, in sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, etc are on the anvil.

The different kinds of jobs that are being created in the tourism sector would be in hospitality, transport, aviation and local businesses.

Likewise, the jobs identified in the mining sector are mining engineers and technicians, miners, operators and drivers. The PF manifesto creates special provisions for women.

The agriculture sector has already been given a huge boost by the government and this has created opportunities such as tractor drivers, machine operators and farming activities.

In addition to this, the PF now has included specifics to empower the youth and women by bringing in special financial support, technological support and mechanisation.

In the healthcare sector, the government is looking to increase the workforce with more nurses, doctors and laboratory technicians. By optimising the existing task force, new employment now will form the task force to man the requirements of the multiple mini hospitals and clinics that have been set up countrywide.

Health care has touched every province and district and job opportunities will now increase. An avenue that has arisen from the structures, due to the timely execution of infrastructure development under the PF which will now cater for all.

The education sector has been allocated a large proportion of resources in the manifesto and due to this, there is employment placement for teachers, non-teaching staff, ICT technicians and management skills requirements.

The PF has built as many as 700 schools across each province, leaving no province behind.

With the growth in all sectors, there will now be a creation of business and entrepreneurial opportunities as well and for this the government is investing in Zambians by providing education and upgradation of skills.

The PF government is making every Zambian count and making available a plethora of opportunities, for one and all.