Even though they say the last thing that one can lose is hope, this has not been the case with the majority supporters of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND. A significant proportion of their sympathisers can no longer hold on to the last strand of hope they had in Mr. Hichilema and his disintegrating UPND.

The man has failed his followers including his relatives in countless ways.

For starters, it is an open secret that Mr. Hichilema and the UPND have no manifesto save for the plagiarized document which they claim to be their party manifesto. When they were engaging in this shameful act of plagiarism, they thought they were smarter than all us but lo and behold, they are failing to explain their ‘own’ manifesto.

The only survival strategy that the UPND has tribalism. We will not belabour this point much because we know that is is the public domain and indelibly enshrined in our country’s political discourse how Mr. Hichilema ascended to the UPND Presidency. The only criteria was negative ethnicity, which clearly stated, ‘ ONLY A TONGA SHOULD TAKE OVER AS PRESIDENT OF UPND.

To date, the UPND and Mr. Hichilema have lamentably failed to extricate themselves from that’tribal tag’.

Also take a look at the composition of their team, who holds key positions in their party structure. It is those who hail from the same region as Mr. Hichilema. A few from other regions who have have been appointed to insignificant party are just there as a smokescreen, to show the world that UPND is a national party when infact not.

He copied a manifesto from Jamaica which has flopped and he has no shame whatsoever and has not even taken time to come and explain to citizens why he did that

It is for that reason amang many that the
Majority of ordinary Zambians have lost hope in Mr. Hichilema because he offers none and no ideology whatsoever.

Mr. Hichilema just wants to ride on tribalism and poverty of citizens as demonstrated by his recent reactions whenever challenges befall the country. He rejoices and has a field day like a poor man who has just won a jackpot yet he has no vision for the country as revealed in their ‘stolen’ manifesto.

Yet when you research properly majority of HH relatives and tribesmen are suffering. Mr. Hichilema has never cared to help his own relatives. Starting from his own mother and his mother in law. He cheats his cadres that he will fix it, but to date his cadres have been waiting for HH entrepreneurship challenge which he launched in 2018 and its now 3 years he has never approved a single business plan or given out one Kwacha to empower the youths who applied

That’s how greedy and crooked the guy is