The Luvale Royal Establishment has endorsed the candidature of President Edgar Lungu ahead of the August polls.

And the Royal Establishment has also endorsed ZNBC Journalist Raphael Ngimbu to contest the Zambezi West Parliamentary seat in the forthcoming elections.

According to a media statement, Chief Chinyama Chamukwamayi has also disputed social media reports suggesting that the establishment has recommended a certain individual for adoption on the opposition ticket.

He has said that the Royal Establishment works with the government of the day and will not be derailed by those making force claims.

Chief Chinyama Chamukwamayi said Ngimbu had received support from the traditional leadership and would he the right candidate to be adopted.

He added that it is not in the best interest for the Royal Establishment to work with opposition political parties.

“I am a servant of the people and what they want is what i present to the government and the ruling party. I have made up my mind to give maximum support to the PF government,” he said.