Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has given kudos to health workers for contributing to a COVID-19 safe destination country.

Zambia has been ranked among the only 6 countries in the world which have been declared ‘the safest travel destinations’ during this COVID-19 era.

A Travel company ‘Wego Travel” ranks Zambia the 4th safest travel destination, and it is the only African country among the 6 countries from different parts of the world.

President Lungu attributed this status to the decisions his administration made on Monday 23rd March, 2020 when called for an urgent Cabinet Meeting to discuss various cross-cutting policy matters aimed at strengthening multisectoral efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Zambia.

President Lungu chairs a Cabinet meeting at State House

“The key outcome of this Cabinet Meeting was the approval of the COVID-19 Contingency Plan, which received overwhelming support from all stakeholders including; Cooperating Partners, the Private Sector as well as Society at large. This ensured the effective implementation of my Government’s innovative Contingency Plan,” said President Lungu.

He has commended Zambia’s health workers for demonstrating a great sense of responsibility, professionalism, selflessness and determination in the fight against COVID-19, in order to protect every Zambian life.

President Lungu also thanked Zambia’s cooperating partners, the private sector and all citizens who exhibited high levels of collective responsibility and behavioral change, thus helping to prevent the unchecked spread of the calamitous coronavirus in Zambia

According to ‘Wego Travel’, the only six (06) countries which are safe destinations in order of ranking are: Australia which is ranked first, New Zealand in second, followed by Singapore in third, Zambia has been ranked fourth, Cuba is fifth, and Saudi Arabia is sixth.