By Yamiko Banda

Zambia’s Justice Minister Given Lubinda has advised members of the public not to use social media as a profanity platform but to build the nation instead.

Lubinda says those insulting and hiding behind social media should watch the space as the law on Cyber crime and protection is coming.

Lubinda has since called for peace to reign in every Zambian heart and for people to show love to one another.

He was speaking when he officiated at the enrolment of Boys’ Brigade of the Reformed Church of Zambia -RCZ- in Matero.

And, Lubinda says it is society’s duty to bring up children in the ways of the Lord as their conduct has a huge impact on them.

Lubinda has also advised political leaders across the political divide not to sell themselves by injuring or bribing others.

Meanwhile, Officer in Charge Captain of the Boys’ Brigade James Malembela expressed gratitude at the attendance of the Justice Minister and wished him the best in his endeavours.

Malembela said the congregation is in support of the government of the day and looks forward to partnering with them in serving the people.