The UK based UPND member Mr Larry Mweetwa has written on his facebook page, requesting Mr Hichilimas. Removal if he loses this year.

Mr Mweetwa wrote that UPND was still strong enough, all it needed after August elections was a change of leadership.

Mr Mweetwa who was last year deported back to the UK after engaging in unlawful assembly here in Zambia, said that Mr Hichilima tried his best and what was needed after elections was for him to rest and let someone younger and more vibrant take over the leadership.

Mr Mweetwa’s followers however did not take lightly the suggestion he raised as others insulted him whilst others said he was paid off.

A man who goes by the name of Joseph Kamanga, on Mr Mweetwas page had this to say. “Ba Larry you of all people were the last person we expected to say such after knowing very well how much we have fought together for our party to reach where it is, if it were not for this very man Hakainde Hichilima, our party could have expired a long time ago, you should be greatful and respectful to Mr Hichilima,anyway by the end of the day it’s your choice if you choose to be paid by the PF, all I can say is that I am very disappointed in you.

Mr Larry in response told Mr Kamanga that he doesn’t have to be paid anything to read in between the lines because he was not weak and went further to say that he was suggesting the removal of Mr Hichilima after the general elections to save the party from crumbling down.