Former First Lady, Vera Tembo has lashed out at the opposition UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema for insisting on holding rallies because President Edgar is inspecting developmental projects around across the country.

In an interview in Lusaka on Thursday, Ms. Tembo said it is folly for Hichilema to compare himself with the sitting head of state as he is mandated to carrying out his duties, with or without elections.

The former First Lady added that it is for this reason that Hichilema is viewed as an arrogant and prideful leader because of his comparison with a duly elected Republican President.

She said if Hichilema continues with his confrontational kind of politics, she does not see him winning the hearts of Zambians anytime soon.

” Let the President work. There is nothing like this is an election period, the President has to be given chance to execute his duties without interference. So I would like to say to the Opposition especially the UPND President Mr. Hichilema that it is not right to compare himself with President Lungu who is the sitting head of state. If Mr. Hichilema continues on this path, I don’t see him winning hearts of Zambians anytime soon, he must respect the duly elected president,” said Ms. Tembo.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tembo has urged all politicans to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines and avoid gathering people in large numbers.

She said politics and elections are not a matter of life and death.

“To all the Opposition, let them follow Covid-19 guidelines and avoid gathering large numbers of people. Politics and elections are not a matter of life and death, take a leaf from PF,” Ms. Tembo said.