Bisha Munsaka is happy with the construction of milling plant under the Presidential Initiative in Monze because it will enhance the status of the district.

Munsaka, who is Monze Town Council chairperson, says the district had no industry and the coming of the milling plant is timely as the local authority is aspiring for municipality status.

He says the milling plant, in its advanced stage, has added to the infrastructure development which the local authority and the people of Monze have been clamouring for.

“We did not have any industry, the status of the district has improved,” Munsaka says.

Apart from adding aesthetic beauty to the district, Munsaka said, the milling plant, being constructed by China Machinery Industry Consortium Group Inc. will also create employment opportunities for Monze residents.

Justin Ngosa, the Monze district agricultural coordinator, says the milling plant is a great blessing to Monze district in that apart from creating jobs for the people in the district, it also will provide a ready market for the over 60,000 maize growers in the district.

Ngosa says the milling plant, to be run by Zambia National Service (ZNS), has capacity to produce 240 metric tonnes (9,600 of 25kg bags) of mealie meal daily.

“Because the mealie meal will be produced locally, it will contribute to reduction in the price of the staple food on the market, thereby making it readily available in the retail outlets,” Ngosa says.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail