The ruling Patriotic Front has challenged Former Archbishop of Lusaka Telesphore Mpundu to join active politics and meet the party in the political ring or leave politics to politicians.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has urged the retired clergyman to stay in his lane and leave politics to politicians.

He said Archbishop Mpundu still enjoys the respect within the ranks of the party in his revered capacity as senior clergy but the party would not hesitate to take him on if he chooses to go political.

Mr Mwila said it was disappointing that a senior clergymen of his stature has continued to promote anarchy and hatred among political players.

He said the retired Archbishop must stop hiding behind the spiritual cloth and collars when he is doing partisan politics.

Mr. Mwila says the clergy are supposed to promote peace and leadership in Governance, as opposed to creating hatred.

Former Archbishop of Lusaka was quoted in one of the tabloid calling Republican President a crook who is planning to eliminate opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema from the 2021 general election. The Catholic Church has since distanced itself from these divisive remarks.

HH meets Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu during the UPND 20th anniversary dinner in 2018

The PF Secretary General said in an interview that the ruling party does not have any plans of blocking any opposition leader from contesting the elections.

He explained that so far, the PF has proved itself to Zambians, through the massive infrastructure development agenda among other progressive undertakings.