… says it is laughable that Mr.Jack Kalala, the former State House aide is so frustrated and bitter that he now wants Diplomats accredited to Zambia to start meddling in the country’s affairs.


Lusaka province PF secretary Kennedy Kamba says it is laughable that Jack Kalala, the former aide to late president Mwanawasa and now a UPND cadre is so frustrated and bitter that he now wants Diplomats accredited to Zambia to start meddling in the country’s affairs and begin to admonish President Lungu.

Mr.Kamba says, according to Mr. Jack Kalala, Diplomats are too quiet on President Lungu and he wants them to publicly rebuke the Head of State over national matters.

He said this is laughable and ridiculously inappropriate, considering that Mr.Jack Kalala worked at State House with a nobel man, the late president Mwanawasa and knows very well the decorum, the etiquette and the primary objectives of Diplomats and their missions in Zambian.

” But again Zambians should not expect anything tangible to come from frustrated and bitter people like Kalala. Those surrounding Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND are so frustrated and bitter that they even now want Diplomats accredited to Zambia to start behaving like their cadres and begin to abrogate their primary objectives and the sanctity of their missions. This is laughable,” Mr. Kamba said.

“Jack Kalala knows that it doesn’t work like that but because he wants to gain political mileage, he is now busy issuing ridiculous and provocative statements,” He said.

Mr. Said diplomats accredited to Zambia are well respected that if they have any concerns about governance issues, they know how to address them diplomatically with the Head of State.

“They don’t meddle in internal affairs and start behaving like opposition cadres. They know their boundaries and what they are here for. Besides, Kalala should know that the missions accredited to Zambia respect President Lungu and the statesmanship that he continues to demonstrate through the tenets of democracy and good governance,” He said.

” Kalala is talking about the police visiting a village in Shibuyunji where Hakainde Hichilema ‘s inlaws live and he wants the diplomats to talk about it. What kind of reasoning is that? The police in a democratic dispensation like Zambia, are entitled to visit any place to investigate any suspicions without fear or favor because they swore to uphold the constitution of Zambia as by law established. Whether they found anything or not, it is their duty. They can visit HH’s in laws, they can visit Chibolya Compound in Lusaka or Kawama Compound in Mufulira or anywhere within the boundaries of Zambia because that’s their job,” Mr. Kamba said.

Mr. Kamba adds that these desperate attempts by the UPND will not gain them any votes and are just embarrassing themselves with their ignorance on diplomatic missions and their primary responsibilities and objectives.

“President Lungu is well respected by the Diplomats and they know how to engage him in a dignified and respected manner. President Lungu’s commitment to human rights and matters of fostering good governance has gained him much respect with the members of diplomats accredited to Zambia,” Mr. Kamba said.