THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says it is disturbed by a narration contained in a political campaign video attributed to the United Party for National Development (UPND) which has been widely shared on social media.

And the association is also concerned with tribal remarks attributed to a UPND member Buumba Malambo.

LAZ honorary secretary Sokwani Chilembo said in a statement that the Constitution of Zambia, in Article 60(3)(a) and (b) prohibits the practice of tribalism and abhors intimidation.

“This clear prescription is echied in section 14 and 15 of the electoral process act 2016,” Mr Chilembo said.

He said the said video offends the provision of the law in that it is both intimidatory and inciteful.

“Similarly, the tribal comments fall foul of the law; political parties should woo voters without resort to intimidation or reference to tribal comments, which are divisive and detrimental to the country,” Mr Chilembo said

He has since called the UPND and other political parties to be mindful of the law for the remainder of the campaign period.

“LAZ also calls upon the electoral commission of Zambia to scrutinise campaign activities of all political parties and ensure that any political party or individual found wanting should be held accountable as by law provided,” he said