Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Action (ACA) Laura Miti expresses disappointment by political parties for what she terms as barbaric acts against women in the political arena.

She has said it is disturbing that men in leadership would be soliciting for sexual favors from aspiring female candidates. These political parties should be offering alternative hope to the people of Zambia for a better Zambia. Ms. Miti has said political party leaders should deliberately create adoption systems that are transparent so that they are no back doors which are breeding grounds for sexual harassment against women.

Miti was commenting on the findings by the Zambia Research and Development (ZARD) which revealed that women in politics were being sexually harassed in their pursuit of a chance to contest this year’s general elections.

In another statement Women’s Lobby Executive Director Juliet Chibuta has condemned this act and has encouraged victims to name and shame these men. She wondered how women were expected to participate more in politics if this is what they are to be subjected to.
In another statement, Ms. Chibuta has applauded Professor Luo for encouraging more women candidates to participate in this year’s elections. As Women’s Lobby we find Professor Luo’s statement timely. Professor Luo said women had the right to be treated as equal partners in development and not as sexual objects or lesser human beings and that she is determined to safeguard the dignity of women in politics.

Indeed, Zambia does need more women in parliament as men already hold the majority representation, Ms. Chibuta said. We need more representation of women in leadership, this is what our organization wishes to aims for. Women should be seen for their worth and not their bodies. We wish to see more women take up appointments like the Inspector General of Police Charity Katanga who President Edgar Lungu saw as suitable candidate for that role.