Today during the unveiling of a new alliance under the them THE ZAMBIA WE WANT consisting of the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilima, Mr Fube and the former MMD party president Mr Felix Mutati,the UPND spokesperson Mr Cornelius Mweetwa informed some of the members present that Mr Hichilima and Mr Fube have concluded talks and Mr Fube will be Mr Hichilimas running mate.

Mr Mweetwa said that the formation of the three people alliance was a request by Mr Hichilima who needed a party’s face lift after the failed UPND alliance that saw 14 different parties all leave the UPND.

Mr Mweetwa said that after Mr Fube and Mr Hichilima concluded talks, Mr Hichilima requested for an alliance first before he unveils Mr Fube has his running mate in the coming week.

However Mr Felix Mutati’s offer by the UPND president is not yet known and will mostly be known when introducing Mr Fube as Mr Hakainde Hichilimas running mate