Father Frank Bwalya has cautioned Mr Fubes careless utterances against the PF that it will only make him unpopular amongst citizens more especially the senior citizens who considered him at one point to be a man of a sound mind.

Father Bwalya said the behavior of Mr Fube towards the PF is that of a bitter man who in his own understanding was his right to become the PF president. He said even when he was a member of the party he would be on every radio and TV station trying to convince the nation of how corrupt the PF was and how Edgar was not eligible to contest unless it was him.

Father Bwalya said that even if it were true and the PF had problems, what kind of a member leaves his own house to share the problems of the party to the world, clearly his intentions were to destroy than build the party because he should have been trying to solve his issues with the party from within. Secondly his ambition to lead the party was never denied from him owing to the fact that the PF has always held inter-party elections which would have given KBF a shot against Mr Edgar Lungu than spreading falsehoods against the man in the hopes of becoming a more preferred candidate.

Father Bwalya said KBF’s approach towards the party and the president have been wrong all together because that approach has been attempted before by members who were by far more popular than him and yet the party still stands. He said what KBF should have done is bring solutions to the table, that way Zambian people would judge him from his good deeds than of trying to cripple the very party he wishes to lead because what KBF has done now is make himself unpopular amongst the citizens who can clearly see the massive developments accomplished by the PF.