Relegated UPND National Chairman, Stephen Katuka has complained that Hakainde Hichilema has laid a fertile ground for a xenophobic genocide in Southern Province.

Katuka said when he met some UPND National Management Committee Members on Monday that if left unabated, the trend has the potential to to spread to Lusaka and parts of Central Provinces.

Katuka also stated that the tribal war that Hichilema has sparked will do more harm to the UPND that can be anticipated.

” The tribal war that Mr. Hichilema has started will do more harm to the UPND that once can anticipate. He has laid a fertile a ground xenophobic genocide in Southern Province through this well-orchestrated scheme which has now backfired and if left unattended to, the vice will spread to Lusaka and parts of Central Province.

Katuka said Hichilema should have used the influence he wields in Southern Province to endear the People there to other tribes by encouraging them to embrace all Zambians.

” We should have harnessed the influence Mr. Hichilema has in the province to endear ourselves to other tribes that still have misgivings with our party which they believe is a tribal grouping,” said Katuka.