Bishop Chomba has come out to defend the former finance minister in the MMD regime Dr Katele Kalumba on the allegations that Hakainde Hichilima sold his soul to the devil. In a press statement today held at his house, Bishop Edward Chomba acknowledged Dr Katele Kalumbas accusations that Hakainde is a Satanist, he said what the doctor said on Saturday 8th of May was the truth based on facts that Hakainde Hichilima is a Freemason since 1999 the reason he has had many business opportunities The Bishop informed the press that opposition UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema joined the satanic cult in April, 1999 and was initiated from Eagle Lodge Number 7232EC which is the Grand Lodge for Freemasons in Bishop Chomba disclosed that Hichilema is still a congregant of the Masons Temple located in Cha Cha Cha road, next to the Zambezi River Authority building in Lusaka. Chomba stated that Hichilema appears on both the local and international register of the Freemasons. The Bishop went further to claim that it was there where he met the UPND founder Anderson Mazoka who had publicly admitted to once being a Freemason but had cut ties with the satanic cult before he died. He said the hand on the UPND logo is actually a hidden sign only Satanists know of. The Bishop went further to claim that the agenda for Mr Hichilima in Zambia is not only to loot our assets but to champion chaos and homosexuality in Zambia, the reason Mr Hichilima forcefully fought bill 10 that would have enshrined christian morals in the constitution. The Bishop has also vowed to defend Dr Katele Kalumba if any case should be risen against him. The Bishop said that he had enough evidence to prove the allegations raised were the truth and if anything he shall release the information for the public to judge for themselves.