National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili has said Hichilema’s desire to undo the decision of the Constitutional Court over former ministers’ salaries is scary.

Convicted NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili

The UPND leader, during his press briefing at his Kasama residence, threatened that former ministers who stayed in office after dissolution of Parliament and earned salaries would pay more, if he is elected into government.

But in an interview with the NDC leader, Mr. Kambwili said most of Mr Hichilema statements must never be taken with any seriousness but treated as mere politics meant to give false hope to Zambians.

“My brother Hakainde Hichilema, as you know, is not a court and matters determined by the Constitutional Court cannot be reopened. So where would my brother get the authority to reopen these cases?” questioned Kambwili.

Mr Kambwili said Hichilema is sending a wrong message to Zambians that he will become a dictator who will be free to abuse the courts if elected into power.

“We need to end this mentality where people abuse our courts day in and day out. For my brother in opposition to think that he will be doing exactly what we fighting against is scary,” stated Kambwili.

Mr Kambwili advised Mr Hichilema to play good politics than relish desires to step on other people’s toes.

“Personally, you see how much I have suffered after I left office. I have been to court every day, week and month. People used ka Tayali to keep me in court and Hichilema wants to continue doing that if he takes over power. That’s rubbish!” said the visibly annoyed Kambwili.

He said Hichilema must be careful with what he wishes because many other people wish him the same as can be seen by the discussion to resuscitate his questionable role in privatisation of State assets.