Newly appointed UPND vice President Mutale Nalumango has downplayed the NDC’s leaving of the UPND Alliance by claiming that Kambwili is not a factor in politics.

“Let me tell you the truth Ba Kambwili is not a factor. He is has not and never will be. Talking too much doesn’t make one w factor. I want to put it on record that as the UPND Alliance, we are neither worried nor disturbed because we are still the same strong UPND Alliance Zambians will vote for in August. NDC is just a new baby on the Political scene we helped have an MP but come August they will have zero MPs.” said Nalumango.

The UPND Veep further added that the NDC’s demands were outrageous and shocking and that no one would have given them what they were asking for because they are were not reasonable.

Ms. Nalumango also dispelled the allegations that HH is selfish and that his selfishness is what is hindering his progress as a Politician by saying if he was selfish he wouldn’t have grown the Party to what it is today.

When asked if she will be HH’s running mate now that CK is out of the picture Ms Nalumango responded by saying “why not?”