NDC Leader Chishimba Kambwili in an audio circulating on social media is heard breathing fire on his Junior members in the NDC WhatsApp group.

The Leader can he heard warning them to stop the nonsense lest he takes action. The NDC Leader also told some of his Junior members wanting to join the UPND to do so because the door is open.

Below is the verbatim of his whatsApp audio.

I think this issue of of working with UPND me being running-mate to HH is getting out of hand by you (because of you) on this blog. We have told you that leave the issue of the alliance to us who are discussing it and it has nothing to do with you Junior members of the Party. You will be informed at an appropriate time, when all discussions are done. Can you stop this nonsense. I think this is getting out of hand. Stop this nonsense those who feel they want to go the UPND as UPND, the door is open for and join them. As far as we are concerned we are still discussing with UPND and we are yet to conclude. So these insinuations that you’re making munadyamo what what should be stopped forthwith otherwise I will be forced to act and take disciplinary action. We have already said the issues of the pact is between us who are discussing with UPND and when everything is said and done we will inform everybody. You’re becoming indisciplined Thank you.