Justice Minister Given Lubinda has cried foul over the 30 day period given to Former Ministers who served illegally after Parliament was dissolved in 2016.

The constitutional court on Monday ordered the 63 ministers who continued to earn a salary after dissolution of parliament between may and july 2016 to pay back the money to the state within 30 days from the date of ruling.

However, Republican President Edgar Lungu said he expects Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers who had remained in Office after Parliament was dissolved in 2016 to pay back salaries and allowances.

“Decisions of the courts of law must be respected regardless of positions taken by different parties hence my position that the affected individuals must pay,” said President Lungu.

The President said everyone must all respect the law because no one is above the law. T

“The ruling of the Constitutional Court must be complied with. My administration will always uphold the Separation of Powers in respect of the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature” said President Lungu

Listen to Justice Minister Lubinda as he complains in this video:

VIDEO CREDIT: Favourite Jenala Kalando