The aspiring candidate of Monze central Mr Jack Mwiimbu has justified the violence purported by UPND carders yesterday as justice being served .

The carders who during the escort of Mr Hichilema’s road show yesterday went on a chaotic rampage beating citizens and burning their vehicles and shops down have been defended by Mr Mwiimbu that it was time the youths took matters into thier own hands because the PF police have been defending the PF carders for a long time.

Mr Mwiimbu said that the recent demonstration was nothing compared to what was coming because UPND was going to paint Zambia red for the sake of protecting Mr Hichilema. He said this time around , no one was going to stand in Mr Hichilema’s way.

Mr Mwiimbu further stated that the time was now for Mr Hichilema to rule and the UPND youths will take up arms and ensure that Mr Hichilema wins in August this year and no one was going to stop them.