Mutinta Mazoka has joined the Upnd women who have been suffering verbal abuse from Male members of the party. There has been different forms of violence going on in Upnd during adoption,the recent being in Monze central were Ms Mutinta Mazoka is aspiring candidate against Upnd heavy weight Jack Mwiimbu.

“When unpalatables were showered on Liliana Mutambo,I thought it was just Politics,but now seeing violence targeted at me,I think something is wrong,” Mutinta must be saying. It’s really disappointing to see giants of Mwiimbu’s size resorting to violence against women.

As women in politics we expect old politicians to call their supporters to older,but instead he and a few others have supported such financially and verbally. We will be waiting to hear from the top membership.It pure cowardice to resort to violence especially against an innocent female aspiring candidate.Be warned that Politics are not for MEN WITH WEAK BLUDDERS.