Prominent investment professional and cooperate director Jito Kayumba has welcomed the Cyber Crimes Bill which will soon be enacted into law.

Jito Kayumba tweeted on his account @jitokayumba “The Cyber Crime bill will soon pass into law. May it bring an end to malicious fabrications, cyber abuse and other malevolent activities in order for us to have a more decent society, on and offline.” His tweet received a backlash from UPND sponsored online keyboard warriors who accused him of not reading the Bill but couldn’t bring out not even one wrong from the Bill.

A Twitter handle @royjere supported Jito by tweeting “I agree with you 100% though the bill needs refining to get rid of some clearly contentious $ oppressive clauses. I have taken the time to read and have noted some good and bad clauses in it. Instead of wholesomely dismissing it let the opposition debate the bill.”


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