LEADER of the newly formed Movement for Democratic Change – MDC – Felix Mutati says sentiments that people want to kill opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema are overstretched imaginations.

Jack Kalala, a UPND member, had alleged that President Lungu is attempting to kill Mr Hichilema as a way of eliminating him from the 2021 presidential race.

But in a telephone interview with the MDC leader, Mr Mutati said if there are any plans to harm or kill anyone, such plans could only be known by those who are part of the scheme.

MDC leader Felix Mutati says love must prevail amidst the political differences

“As MDC we are not scared of President Lungu. We are ready to take him on and defeat him using the ballot in 2021. I think it’s wrong to fill up pages of newspapers with rumours which he (Jack Kalala) cannot substantiate,’’ said Mutati.

The MDC leader said his party and its functionaries will never seek the attention of Zambians through spreading of falsity, own imaginations of planned deaths or instilling unknown fears among Zambians.

“We have come on the political scene with a strong commitment to come up with solutions to the old problems our country is faced with and not to thrive on propaganda or instilling imaginary fears,” said the former Finance Minister.

Mr. Mutati said much as the MDC is justified in opposing the party in government in a democratic society, it would not go to extremes of running a deceitful narrative. He said his party would strive to give a factual narrative of the current political atmosphere obtaining in Zambia.

“If President Lungu is as intolerant as Jack (Kalala) claims, I wonder if he would still be standing tall and free following the unsubstantiated allegations he continues to peddle,’’  said Mutati.

Mr. Mutati said Zambia must remain bastion of freedom on the African continent and called for love to prevail amidst the political differences.

‘’I urge well-meaning Zambians to embrace the politics of love and tolerance. Let us learn from those who, before us, chose love over hate amidst political differences and inclinations,” he said.