Government has launched seven new communication towers in Msanzala constituency in a bid to enhance mobile communication services in the area.

Speaking during the launch of the new towers at Ukwimi-A in Lusangazi district recently, ZAMTEL Chief Executive Officer, Sydney Mupeta said the seven towers that have been installed in Msanzala are under the phase two of the 1,009 communication towers project which government is undertaking countrywide.

Mupeta revealed that the total number of government towers installed in Msanzala constituency alone is now 17.

“This project will see the installation of 1,009 new communication towers in the country to enhance communication in rural areas,” he said.

And, Mupeta stated that the communication towers in Msanzala would boost business in the area where most people depend on farming.

He said the farmers in Msanzala will now be able to make their business transactions effectively as they negotiate with potential buyers of their produce on mobile phones.

He added that towers are critical infrastructure that will facilitate in creating a conducive environment for people in the rural areas to meet their aspirations.

Mupeta has since urged people in the area to support ZAMTEL so that more revenue is generated, which would result into increased number of communication towers and internet services.

And Msanzala Constituency Member of Parliament, Peter Daka stated that the installation of the new communication towers was one of the campaign promises the Patriotic Front party made in 2016.

Daka is happy with other development projects that government has embarked on in his constituency.

Some of the development projects in Msanzala include the grading of the Petauke-Lusangazi road and the road that links Lusangazi and Mambwe districts as well as other feeder roads.

He said the electrification of Sandwe chiefdom through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and the drilling of boreholes for improved water and sanitation are the other development projects that the PF government has implemented in Lusangazi.

“This is what we promised during campaign in 2016 and now you can see that we gave you a new district and this district has come with so many developments such as what we are witnessing today,” he said.

And speaking earlier, Lusangazi District Commissioner Godwin Phiri said the installation of the ZAMTEL towers in the area is a milestone achievement which will improve communication for the people in the area.

Phiri said communication through mobile phones had been a challenge in Lusangazi district but hoped that this this problem will be a thing of the past.

“We will now be able to talk on the phone without any challenges of network as the situation used to be in the past because ZAMTEL has made things easier,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chief Sandwe of the Nsenga people of Lusangazi district thanked government for improving communication in the area.

“I say thank you to the President for this initiative and I ask you the MD for ZAMTEL to extend your services to other areas such as where my palace is located so that we are all catered for since mobile network is a challenge almost everywhere in Lusangazi,” he said.