Letter purportedly authored and signed by Hakainde Hichilema

UNITED Party for National Development – UPND- leader Hakainde Hichilema has asked his MPs to support the impeachment motion and increase public debate on eligibility of President Lungu as part of strategy for UPND to form government.

In a letter dated 20th November, 2020 purportedly authored by the UPND leader, Mr. Hichilema said “all efforts that aid our (UPND) ascension to power must he fully supported and our foriegn partners are keen on ensuring change of government happens next year.”

Mr. Hichilema also revealed that the UPND agenda for the youth will soon be rolled out following the completion of the national revolution master plan.

“Let us all ensure the youth in our constituencies and areas of presence are funded and availed the necessary platforms to stir this revolution and rise against the PF,” wrote Hichilema.

He has since directed the UPND legal and resource mobilisation team to ensure support is rendered.

A call to Mr. Hichilema and the Party Secretary General provided futile as the phones were constantly engaged.