The UPND has told members that have not been successful that they are not needed in the party and that they should avoid taking the adoption matters personal but respect the decisions made by the party’s appointing authority.

UPND Kitwe district chairperson, Elvis Nkandu, said it was disappointing that those that were being left out of the adoptions were failing to read between the lines that they are rejects.

Nkandu said that the appointing authority of the party only adopted those that were needed and had Hakainde Hichilema’s support.

He was speaking during the opening of the party district offices in Kitwe’s Nkana West at the weekend.

“We respect all the results that are coming out because we trust that everyone voted very well at all levels.

“I am so disappointment that all those that have not been picked, are failing to see that they are rejects, we don’t need them in the party. Only those that have the support of our party president are the one we have settled for,” Nkandu said.

Nkandu warned the members against fighting their leaders and advised them to maintain discipline at all times.

He complained that the game ahead was too tough for members to continue fighting and “pointing fingers” at each other over adoption results.

Nkandu said loyalty was good and that anyone that did not want to be loyal to the party after the adoption results would be disciplined because the party did not want confusion.