Former UPND Vice President, Patrick Chisanga has revealed that Hakainde Hichilema offered him to be his running mate in the August polls but he was not interested and was enjoying life in the corporate world.

Chisanga who resigned from the UPND shortly after the general assembly that ushered in Hichilema following the death of Anderson Mazoka and an written rule that only a Tonga can be party president, says he declined the offer partly because of the dwindling political fortunes of the party under Hichilema, which he says can not be cannot be salvaged.

Chisanga noted the UPND under Mazoka was a viable political organisation which was poised to form government adding that the Hichilema-led UPND is moribund and does not have anything to offer apart from tribalism.

“I have been approached by Mr. Hichilema several times. He wanted me to be his running mate being Bemba so he could revive UPND’s dwindling political fortunes but I refused. Infact, I am enjoying life outside politics in the corporate world.. The UPND under Mr. Hichilema is a finished political party,” Chisanga noted.

In a bid to shake off the ‘tribal tag’ and enhance their chances in the forthcoming general elections, the UPND has courted more than 5 smaller political parties led by bembas who include Kelvin Bwalya Fube, Felix Mutati, Elias Chipimo among others.