National Restoration Party (NAREP) founder Elias Chipimo has disclosed that he turned down an offer from United Party For National Development (UPND) leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema after realizing that there was no wind of change.

Mr. Chipimo who resigned from active politics in September of 2019 told this reporter that before resigning from active politics he was offered a running mate position by Mr. Hakainde Hichilema and was also offered a brand new hilux legend 50 but he turned down the offer.

“Before I made up my mind that I was done with politics my elder brother Mr. Hakainde Hichilema offered me the running mate position and it came with a brand new Hilux legend 50 among other incentives but I turned down the offer because there is no wind of change,” Mr. Chipimo said.

“I looked at the opposition’s kind of politics and I refused to be part of the rot. We lack leadership both in the ruling party and the opposition that’s why I left politics. The PF will bounce back because they will convince people to vote for them based of what they have done. The infrastructure development will speak for them while the opposition will only be making promises,” he added.

Further the former NAREP leader also accused the opposition of hoping to be voted for not because they have a plan for the country but because people are suffering.

“It’s not enough to only hope that things get worse and people suffer more so that you can be voted for. You need to give people a reason to vote for you. I have listen to almost all the Presidential candidates seeking office and unfortunately none convince me that they can do better than President Edgar Lungu,” Mr. Chipimo charged.

On the second of September 2019 Mr. Elias Chipimo resigned from active politics citing lack of leadership at all levels of society and lack of proper understanding of politics by Zambians.