The new defector from Mr Hichilimas family to join the PF is Mr Hichilimas own blood sister Maureen Hichilima who has claimed that Mr Hichilima is not the kind of man to trust with the nation because he has failed to care for his own family.she said that she rents a small two room house and not once has Mr Hichilima bothered to call or visit his own blood relatives. She said Mr Hichilima is like any other stranger to to her and the family because Mr Hichilima has detached himself from his family.

Maureen Hichilima who was speaking to media houses at the PF secretariat in lusaka went further to claim that Mr Hichilima is the kind of man who ingnores family calls when you seek for his help, she went further to claim that Mr Hichilima is a self centered selfish man who will destroy the nation if entrusted with the nation.

Mrs Maureen Hichilima was on Saturday welcomed to the PF party and welcoming her defection was Hichilimas first cousin Wilfred Hichilima and Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba commonly known as GBM.