All People’s Congress President Nason Msoni has given the reason why he never joined the Opposition Alliance even when it was looked attracted and a perfect formula for unseating the PF Government.

According to him the Alliance was birthed out of selfishness and deception because some people in the Alliance had a hidden agenda of using others as ladders to climb to the top.

“I was called by my colleagues to join the Alliance before it was even introduced to the public and I must admit that it was tempting but I declined after a lot of soul searching and reflection. My gut told me the Alliance would crack before August 2021 because it was birthed out of selfishness and deception. Some members in the Alliance wanted to use others as ladders.” Said Mr. Nsoni while shaking his head in disagreement.

The All People’s Congress President also announced that he will contest this year’s election because the demands for him to contest have been overwhelming. He added that his participation in the forthcoming elections is intended to give Zambians a much more wider choice.