ALLIANCE for Community Action executive director Laura Miti has spoken up against threats on our UPND tabloid News Diggers, calling the situation unfortunate.
Miti who disclosed to News Diggers that it is nolonger a secret that she is UPND, and very proud of supporting Hakainde Hichilema. However, she feels the party UPND is broken and needs to make some changes in leadership and in President Hichilema’s media team. Ms. Miti branded the ruling Patriotic Front as a bunch of thugs who must go, but added that the UPND is even more broken than PF because it has no shadow cabinet and no concrete vision or manifesto for Zambians.
“When you listen to HH, he seems to mean well but I fear he has challenges to articulate certain ideas because of not having his vision clearly spelled out in concrete manifesto. But the whole party [UPND] is more broken than PF. They don’t like me for saying this. There is no leadership hierarchy, everything starts and ends with HH. He has no single Vice President out of 4 open vacancies and worse still HH does not have a shadow cabinet. How can you not have a shadow cabinet? If you are talking about the issue of coronavirus, who do you think is responsible to understands these things in UPND? We can’t have the president [HH] saying everything, we need to have a shadow cabinet,” she said.
“I also can never understand why the president (HH) holds on to his absolutely crap media team. Watching their ineffectual style – no strategy, no connection between outputs and intended impact – I wonder just why HH keeps them. Who runs Koswe and Watchdog on behalf of HH, my young son can even do much better. How many supporters have we won from that strategy?”
And Miti said she wanted to put it on record that she was campaigning for UPND because PF had failed to govern. “Even though HH has not yet proved to me that this is exactly how he would run the country, or ‘this is how I would change the economy’, at this point, I would like PF to go. Yes at this point I am UPND and I am campaigning for them. I hope government understands right now that when they blink, we don’t trust them,” she said.