CHISHIMBA Kambwili says he is not against an opposition alliance but was against the gangster mafia style idea of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) being swallowed by its alliance partner UPND as though its a merger of a junior partner and a more superior one.

On Wednesday, the Alliance Chairman Charles Milupi announced UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema as the presidential candidate saying he would also use his discretion to choose his own running mate.

Milupi also said the alliance would be called the UPND alliance.

NDC leaders including vice-president Joseph Akafumba, secretary general Bridget Attanga and presidential spokesperson Edward Mumbi attended the presser and endorsed the decisions thereof.

After Kambwili resisted these resolutions, Attanga announced his expulsion from the party saying he was working against the UPND alliance and entertaining the PF.

In reaction to his expulsion, Kambwili rubbished the expulsion branding it illegal and unconstitutional.

In a briefing at his residence in Lusaka, Kambwili said Akafumba had no powers to convene a press briefing or party meeting without the permission of the party president.

“First and foremost that press briefing was illegal because the vice-president has no powers, even the secretary general to convene a meeting or press briefing of the party without the knowledge of the president, who is me,” Kambwili said.

He said the NDC constitution was clear on the procedure of expelling a president pointing out that he needed to be charged, presented before the central committee which had the power to eject him.

“Now I want to ask my colleagues with due respect, where did they hold a central committee meeting,” Kambwili asked.

“I want to appeal to our members to be calm, no president has been expelled,” he added.

Kambwili urged Akafumba to assess the risks before starting a “war”.

“You cannot be a fluffy dog wanting to bite a lion, there must be something wrong with you,” he said.

“We have refused to be in a UPND alliance where the NDC is going to be swallowed, they want the alliance to be all about HH,” he said.

“We have no problems with an alliance but to tell us that all of you come and stand on UPND and be answerable to HH, that is an insult – that is not respecting NDC,” Kambwili charged.

He said the party would give a comprehensive statement on the way forward after a central committee meeting which will be convened in Luanshya tomorrow.

Kambwili urged all NDC members to remain calm insisting he had not been expelled.