Electricity is a form of energy which we need for just about anything in this modern century, from heating our homes, to lighting our classrooms or listening to our favorite music we need electricity, but what has the government done for those out of reach of it.

Rural electrification

The PF government through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) have implemented the rural electrification program in order to achieve Vision 2030 of having abundant and reliable supply of affordable energy to both urban and rural areas.

REA in 2016 developed two solar mini-grids in Chunga and Lunga in central and Luapula provinces.

The Lunga and Chunga mini-grids have the capacity of 300kwp and 200kwp respectively and each directly benefiting public institutions, businesses and at least 2,170. households.

The government also unpackaged the phase 1 Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP) which has benefited 3 districts Isoka, Kalomo and Lukulu with at least 700 public institutions already electrified.

Phase two of the SSMP will benefit Lundazi , Chama and Mwinilunga (ikelenge) and will cost US$ 665,100

REA is also currently implementing several mini hydro projects like Kasanjiku falls project in Mwinilunga, Chikata falls project in kabompo district, Zengamina ll in Mwinilunga to mention but a few.

REA and ZESCO are implementing the Electricity Service Access Project , meant to increase electricity access rate in rural area.

So far the pf government has secured US$ 26.5 million from world bank for rural electrification program for Southern , north Western, Eastern, Muchinga, Central, Western, Northern, Luapula and Copperbelt province.

But someone will still ask what the government has done.