With shock, sadness, and the heaviest hearts, we announce the passing of Sandra Levinson, our beloved ministry partner, co-founder of ACE Zambia, and sister in Christ, a statement issued by ACE executive director Gabriel Walder reads.

“Sandra’s love of the children of Zambia, her dedication to their welfare, and her commitment to preserving families and providing them a future was, as she often said, “the most important work God placed in my life. It is not just the children and families in Africa who benefitted from her service—it was each person who ever met her. Knowing her made all of us better people,” Mr Walder states.

“Sandra was incredibly passionate about ACE’s crisis nurseries. In her honor, and at ACE Founder Virginia Wood’s request, we are creating the Sandra Levinson Memorial Fund to support the House of Moses and the Bill and Bette Bryant Crisis Nursery. Each donation to this fund will not only give a child in our crisis nurseries shelter, protection, and hope. It will honor Sandra’s legacy and continue her mission.”

He said while it will be difficult for all of them to move forward without hearing her voice or spending time with her, she will remain with them as they continue this vital work.

“Each time we look into the eyes of an abandoned baby who we shelter, a baby who we help stay with their family, a child for whom we find a new loving family and safe home, a student whose body and mind has been nourished in our schools, a university student who is fulfilling his or her potential, a colleague who lives ACE’s mission every day because of her inspiration, Sandra will be there. The legacy of Sandra’s warm heart, hard work, and her love for each of us will continue to be the foundation of everything we do,” Mr Walder states.

And DP leader Harry Kalaba has posted: “Just learnt of your passing away Sandra Levinson due to COVID. The good works you have done for Zambia through House of Moses will never be forgotten. May your soul Rest In Peace.”