By Noel Iyombwa

As Zambia hold general elections on 12th August 2021, let us remember Dr Kaunda’s legacy and celebrate his life by observing peace during and after elections, Capital Buses proprietor Ishmael Kankhara has said.

Speaking in an interview, Kankhara said that it would be insulting Dr Kaunda’s legacy to have political violence during and after elections because he was a peace loving man.

He said that Dr Kaunda sacrificed himself and his family for the country to have the peace that people are enjoying hence deserves to honor his legacy by having violence free elections.

Kankhara said that Dr Kaunda detested racism, violence and tribalism and united the country through his one Zambia one nation slogan.

And Kankhara has observed that Dr Kaunda deserves more credit in liberating not only Zambia but the entire Africa.

He said that unlike other African icons who only fought for their country, Dr Kaunda ensured that the majority of countries in Africa are liberated.

“We must appreciate Dr Kaunda’s efforts by being peaceful as he has always advocated for his entire life so my appeal is that let us be peaceful during and after elections because being violent will be insulting to his legacy,“ he said.

He said that the late founding father brought all tribes together adding that during his tenure the word tribalism was not known.

And Kankhara has paid contribute to the late Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima and all the traditional leaders who died recently.

He said that the late Chief Justice will be remembered for her important role in the judiciary.

He said that this is the most trying moment for the country after losing leaders in the past weeks.

“We have lost our founding father, the Chief Justice and two senior traditional leaders Chief Chikwanda and Luchembe in a short period of time. This is a trying moment for mother Zambia indeed,” he said.

Source: Daily Nation《》ZZ