Paramount Chief Chitimukulu worried about social media abuse

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people of Northern Province is saddened by the high levels of social media abuse at the expense of development.

He is worried at the low levels of “intellectual output” among citizens thereby leading to unprogressive discourse on social media due to vices such as insults,propaganda and fake news.

Speaking to journalists at his palace when he addressed various topical socio-economic issues, the paramount Chief said it is unproductive for people to concentrate on insulting leaders on social media instead of providing progressive solutions on how the country can be developed.

“Everything has now turned to politics. People do not have anything to do and they are resorting to insulting government and leaders on social media instead of offering solutions on how lives can be made better amidst various socioeconomic challenges, ” Chief Chitimukulu said and attributed the current social media abuse to “low intellectual output”

And the traditional leader is disappointed that people have misinterpreted his message in a statement where he urged people in the Eastern province to vote for President Lungu failure to which, the head of state will also be rejected.

He said all he was trying to encourage was for people to register in large numbers to participate in elections and further questioned what comes first between voting and results.

“What comes first, voting or elections, how can we know if the people have rejected him without voting?” Chief Chitimukulu questioned and said it is illogical to think his statement is an implication and called for attachment of logic to the subject to fully understand his stance on the matter.

In the same vein, Chief Chitimukulu urged people to take full advantage of the 4 days voter registration extension to register as voters and said he has taken personal responsibility to ensure those that did not obtain voter cards do so before the close of the extension period.

Meanwhile, the traditional leader has called for people to heed President Lungu’s strong message warning against complacency in regards to preventive measures in the wake of a possible second wave of the COVID-19.

He said the President’s call should be taken seriously and further asked for the provision of free masks and hand sanitizers as a way to escalate efforts of containing a possible second wave