Repubican Vice President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina says the UPND MPs missed out on information about the issuance of the National Registration Cards- NRCs because they were hiding from Bill 10 debate which was on the floor of Parliament.

The Vice President says information was made available regarding the extension of the first phase of the issuance of NRCs.

Mrs. Wina says she cannot guarantee officers going back to areas that missed out of the NRC issuance exercise because it is a costly exercise on the part of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

She says the Ministry is assessing and will make a decision if resources will be available.

The Republican Vice President said this in Parliament today during the Vice President’s Question Time.

UPND Nkeyema MP Kapelwa Mbangweta NRC wanted to know if NRC officers will be sent back to back to areas like Nkeyema.