OPPOSITION United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema promised to handsomely reward rebels of the National Democratic Congress, a reliable source close to the UPND leadership has revealed.

“Mr Hichilema was clear the UPND General Conference has now given him the mandate to choose leaders who he must work with to win elections. In a meeting yesterday with the NDC leaders, Mr Hichilema said he can decide to appoint them now to the UPND NMC or they will be priority appointments if he wins the 2021 elections,” he said.

Mr Hichilema had a meeting with the NDC leaders at his house before the announcement was made and told them to feel welcome in the party.

“When Aka complained about the behavior of Mr Nkombo and Mwiimbu who give others cold shoulder, Mr Hichilema said he has heard complaints from his own members against the two and he will soon be showing them who is in charge of the party,” said the source.

All the leaders from NDC were promised personal to holder motor vehicles and some direct funding from him for campaign activities.

Mr Hichilema said the NDC must be dismantled ahead of the dissolution of parliament so they can only be one united party to fight Edgar Lungu.

We must follow Mr Kambwili in Roan and entire Copperbelt to show them we are a bigger party. Even you ba Chishala, we helped you win an election because we did not want to field our own candidate because PF would have won.