Six National Democratic Congress (NDC) rebels led by Joseph Akafumba have been promised automatic adoption and full funding by UPND Alliance President Hakainde Hichilema.

Meanwhile, Hichilema says the Democratic Party leadership is being engaged to join the UPND Alliance.

According to the source who attended the meeting, Mr Hichilema has released funding to Bridget Atanga to go round provinces and get the support of the NDC structures towards the UPND Alliance.

“Mr Hichilema assured us that we shall get automatic adoption and full funding as a reward for the work we are doing. He said Kambwili has no choice because Lungu and his inner friends cannot trust him anymore and that he will come back begging,” said the source.

Mr Hichilema has tasked the NDC rebels to begin meeting structures from Southern, Western Province, Copperbelt and Northern Province with a view to distance them from Kambwili and his team.

Mr Hichilema also said the UPND Alliance has made considerable progress to get the Democratic Party leadership on board.

“He said the Alliance will expand before the nomination period to include the DP and urged members to welcome President Kalaba. He said UPND Alliance is an Alliance of the Zambian people and must be kept open to people like Kalaba,” said the source.

Asked about whether Socialist Party has also been engaged, Mr Hichilema said Fred M’membe is no longer a factor.

“He said the wife to Mmembe is a senior member of the UPND. He said UPND knows what happens even in Mmembe’s own bedroom. Mr Hichilema said even the Mast which is owned by Mmembe’s wife covers UPND more positively than the Socialist Party,” said the source.

DP leader Harry Kalaba could not be reached on his mobile and Mr. Chishimba Kambwili’s phone went answered for a reaction.