Worried UPND leader Hichilema

Economic Equity Party President Chilufya Tayali has reported UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema to the Anti-Corruption Commission for corruption related offences and failure to declare interest during privatisation.

Mr. Tayali says he has decided to report the UPND Leader to the ACC to investigate the evidence that he has submitted a house in Lusaka’s Chelstone area and farm number 1924 in Kalomo adding that he will also be reporting the UPND leader to the police on allegations of fake identity.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Tayali explained that he is hopeful that the ACC will investigate the matter. Mr. Tayali has since advised the opposition UPND to start looking for a new presidential candidate ahead of 2021 general elections.

Lawyers to Mr. Hichilema have, however, threatened to forever ruin Mr. Tayali’s political career and have demanded K10,350,000 in fees and costs.

And the EEP Leader has confirmed that he will report the matter of Mr. Hichilema having two National Registration cards to the police for investigation.

Anti-Corruption Commission Spokesperson Timothy Moono has confirmed to Zibani Zambia that Mr. Tayali has reported two issues to the Commission.

By Press time, Mr. Hichilema’s phone went unanswered while the UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma said his party is not bothered as all matters will be handled by the courts. And UPND Deputy Secretary General Patrick Mucheleka has likened Mr. Tayali’s sentiments to hallucination which the opposition party will not waste time responding to. Mr. Mucheleka has advised Mr. Tayali to instead respond to the letter written to him by Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers.

But Mr. Tayali said Mr. Hichilema must be careful with his responses to the allegations levelled against him and that he does not owe him any apology.