The wave of cyber nuisance has emerged stronger and in most instances, the hoaxes of deception have succeeded in substituting the truth in preference for a particular concocted narrative.

In some instances, innocent social media patrons have found themselves victims of fraudulent transactions, children equally have not been spared.

The ruling Patriotic Front had to use its privileged position as the guardian of the citizenry and took proactive steps to enact the law purposefully meant to restore normalcy on the cyber space.

President Edgar Lungu who after properly directing his mind did not hesitate to assent it and consequently give it a lease of legal life.

To combat social media abuse, Zambians needed to unite across the political divide and ensure that social media misconduct which evidently was the epidemic of our tines as many dignified Zambians have been reduced to the objects of attacks by irresponsible keyboard warriors. The much talked about bill is now law, ours is to make collective efforts for its enforcement.

We have learnt that some players have elected to continue politicising the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act even when they did not make efforts to make submissions before the Parliamentary Select Committee that was constituted to scrutinise the legislative process.

Among them is UPND president Hakainde Hichilema promising without hesitation to repeal the Act. We are made to ask whether by promising immediate repeal of the law, Hichilema is endorsing circulation of obscene materials, hate speech among other social media ills?

Following his fifth time unsuccessful consecutive bid for the Presidency, Mr Hichilema has tried all he could to conceal his real character. However, the fact that he has inborn dictatorial tendencies cannot be concealed in the eyes of the followers of political happenings in the country.

In the recent past, I have been his staunch critic on social media and right on his official Facebook page used to offer checks and balances on him.

However, Hichilema has proved to be allergic to criticism. It was with great disappointment that the leader who portrays to be democratic has been blocking critics from commenting on his page.

There is no doubt most supporters of President Lungu are victims of cyberbullying for merely sharing their opinion but the absence of a legal framework has made abusers have the field day.

This is supposedly done with the view to only remain with those that constantly cheer with whatever he said to undermine President Lungu. The PF sympathisers have not been allowed to constructively engage him via his social media page.

It is irresponsible for Hichilema to classify social media ills such as circulation of absence materials, hate speech, cyber bullying, online financial crimes and disguise them as “freedom of expression.” It is immoral for Hichilema to pronise the restoration of the anti-social media behaviour that the bill seeks to suppress.