CHARLES Kabwita says destruction of the National Democratic Congress will not work. Reacting to various NDC members that have applied to contest elections on the UPND Alliance, having been encouraged to do so by the Josephs Akafumba led faction, Kambwili who is NDC national youth chairperson accused UPND leader of sending Akafumba to destroy NDC. He noted that Akafumba had, among many things, called on NDC members to stand on the UPND Alliance ticket, which clearly goes against what the party had been telling its members. He said the NDC would be fielding candidates at all levels in the 2021 elections and urged its members to ignore calls by Akafumba. NDC member of parliament Joseph Chishala has since applied for adoption on the UPND Alliance while George Sichula has applied for adoption in Chingola. “This destruction of the party will not work because Akafumba is only one person. We appointed him to act as vice-president as we waited for the congress, so where did he get the powers to expel our leader (Chishimba Kambwili) and do all the things he’s doing now?” Kabwita asked. Kabwita also charged for Bridget Atanga’s work was just based at the farm where she stays as she does not even know where the provincial chairman for Lusaka lives. He added that Atanga lives in Lusaka but never had time to inspect the structures of NDC. “We merely kept her on the basis that we wanted to incorporate men and women. Mrs Atanga challenged me, which by-election did you ever attend in the NDC since the time you were appointed as deputy SG and subsequently SG? Mr Akafumba, even just in Lusaka where you live, you do not know where the ward chairman lives,” he said. Kabwita challenged Akafumba to mention the names of the ward chairmen where he lives. He explained that to claim that Akafumba could sustain the NDC and make the UPND alliance succeed was a political dream that would never come to reality. “HH is so desperate that he first of all started destroying NAREP. I think Mr Charles Nyirenda can attest to this. After that, he then used Akafumba to try and destroy NDC. It will not work. And if HH can have these kinds of evil plans against fellow opposition parties when he is in opposition, I shudder to think what he would do to opposition parties in the country once he’s given state power,” Kabwita said. Credit: Mast Newspaper