Embattled UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has refused to categorically condemn his aide and former student from the HH school of insults, Mubita Nawa, who has allegedly supported someone insulting President Edgar Lungu in a video.

This is not surprising as the culture of insults is deeply embedded in the UPND.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Hichilema only said the UPND is actively addressing the matter in which Nawa is accused of backing a person uttering unpalatables against the head of State.

Hichilema said the party does not condone aggressive language no matter who it is directed at.

On Monday, concerned citizen Geoffrey Mulenga reported Nawa to the police for allegedly supporting an individual who was insulting President Lungu.

Commenting on the development, Hichilema said the party is looking into the matter to establish the content and context so that the party can appreciate the full picture.

It is reported that the ‘Almighty and ‘omniscient’ Hichilema was advised to condemn the uncouth and vulgar language by his but deliberately chose to ignore the wise counsel.