UPND Members of Parliament dressed in black

UPND Members of Parliament have complained to Mr. Hichilema against the restrictive interpretation of the decision of the Constitutional Court by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

And Mr. Hichilema has promised his MPs that once elected into power, his priority would be to remove the discriminatory Grade 12 clause from the Constitution.

During a meeting with Mr Hichilema yesterday, Siavonga lawmaker Douglas Syakalima said there was lack of clarity on whether the Constitutional Court ruled that genuine academic degrees cannot be accepted and only Grade twelves will be allowed to make laws.

“Mr President, this is why we should have amended this Constution. Even in our party, we have potential Councillors, right in our villages, who have good degrees from reputable universities but do not have a Grade 12 certificate, why should we not utilise them?” said Syakalima.

He accused some known civil society activists and lawyers who are supporting the restrictive interpretation of the Court to only having a Grade 12 Certificate as having political ambitions to oust sitting MPs.

And Namwala lawmaker Moono Lubezhi said senior UPND MPs like Dr Musokotwane are being bullied on the cyberspace because of not having Grade 12 Certificates yet they have doctorates and PhDS.

“Mr President, I think we should have participated in Constitutional review against this clause. It has discriminated against our own people like Mwaliteta from time it was made law,” said Lubezhi.

But Mr. Hichilema advised his MPs who will not be adopted because of not having a Grade 12 Certificate to focus on ushering the UPND into Government.

“We are going into the new Jerusalem. Everyone of you will have something to do once we win. That has been my leadership,” he said.

Mr Hichilema reminded the MPs how he has embraced people like Gilbert Liswaniso who has no Grade 12 into the senior party leadership and yet he can’t achieve his own dream of becoming a Councillor.

“So all of us without degrees, let’s work hard like that young man (Liswaniso) to liberate Zambians. Who can throw away our mother madam Mazoka, because of not having a full Grade 12 Certificate?” asked Hichilema.

According to sources from Parliament, PhD holder Situmbeko Musokotwane is among the 54 MPs with GCEs or other trades and vocational Certificates that are not equivalent to a Grade 12 School Certificate.