Pensioners who claim their monies in Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund are used to benefit Hakainde Hichilema and his family have rubbished the campaign promise by leader to review pension regulations and instruments if elected into power.

During the day, Mr. Hichilema posted on his Facebook page that, if elected into office, his government will review all pension regulations and instruments with a view to ensuring prompt and efficient service delivery of retirees’ welfare.

Ex-KCM Miners Protest Against Our HH And Saturnia

But pensioners talked on the Copperbelt have expressed doubt on the promises of  Hichilema especially that the Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund which he is a part to is extremely oppressive and has made many pensioners who were forced to join it suffer afterward.

James Mulongo, 69 year old ex-KCM miner says his daily prayer is HH to never have anything to do with running government considering the suffering his Saturnia scheme has put former miners in.

And Marvis Mwenda, a 70-year-old widow who worked for BP Zambia PLC said the moment their Salary Staff Pension Scheme was moved to Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund administered by Anglo American Central Africa Limited Financial Services Division on 1 January 1995 with a promise of better benefits for the members was the day their trouble started and blamed HH for the suffering of pensioners under his watch.

Let Hakainde improve his Saturnia operations and give us our money, then we can believe him but the man is selfish and wants our vote for further personal enrichment, said Mwenda

But in his positing on Facebook, Mr Hichilema says the UPND Government will strive to designate a department of veterans’ affairs that will periodically review the conditions of service for Defence and Security Services and other relevant benefits after retirement.

Mr Hichilema said in a Facebook posting that his government will not allow the continued suffering among retirees who spend most of their adult life saving the Zambian people.

He says retirement is meant to be a dignified undertaking which people should be looking forward to however it has become a perennial nightmare in Zambia sending most retirees to their early graves.