… This UPND media strategy is designed to scare PF sympathizers from posting positively about PF on social media in fear of insults, an example are the insults unleashed on PF musicians Friday 04 June 2021 FORMER UPND National Trustee Royd Moonga has revealed that his former party’s media team strategy includes vulgar language and insults. Mr. Moonga disclosed that UPND bloggers use insults deliberately to intimated opponents on social media. “I was a member of UPND for over 17 years. I know the party inside out. I worked under the media team and anytime there was a topic we had no knowledge of how to debate, or probably if we were defeated in arguing the facts, our Coordinators be it Mr. Dipak Patel or our white political consultants from Ditchley foundation and Cambridge Analytica would recommend to us the bloggers to simply insult or simply say we are still voting for Bally forward forward forward,” revealed Mr. Moonga. “This strategy of insulting is meant to frustrate PF sympathizers or make them lose their tempers and degenerate the debate into profanity, it was also meant to make them think twice before debating with us next time or even posting positively about PF in fear of the insults that would rain down. Some bloggers are young white foreign nationals who don’t even know local languages but a given some few basic lines of insults to post around on media as they blog. Iyou think am lying, just check how the UPND bloggers and members comes out on social media. They insult 24/7. Bloggers have scripts of common insults such as “go and ask your father, for us we are still voting for HH, forward forward”, “banoko ichi***, this time it’s Bally forward forward”, “Scan through social media, most bloggers don’t debate issues they just insult. The UPND has groups of bloggers who operate from Kabulonga at a property owned by Dipak Patel that comprises of only Tongas and a few Lozis they recruited and they buy them talktime and bundles to insult opponents. Even you the Journalist here, try posting something negative on HH or any of the UPND’s pages on social media, you will come back with a testimony,” added Mr. Moonga. Mr. Moonga also revealed that he is considered a traitor for joining the PF because he is Tonga and that he has recieved numerous calls from a traditional leader who expressed his disappointments in him for joining the PF. The former UPND national trust member appealed to Zambians to desist from using vulgar language on social media because we have the cyber law in place which is meant to punish culprits found wanting and that the people inciting them to insult on social media will not be there when the law visits them.